October 1st

October 1st, 2021

 I walked into the dark stone chamber. My eyes couldn’t adjust to the dim light. I used the last of my phones battery to see that I was in a voluminous cavern, the ceiling out of view from my small light.

That is when I heard it. The slithering wet sound in the dark. From the far end of the room chanting started. A small whisper in the dark that kept building by the second. I stood frozen in fear until the chanting reached a crescendo. Then the wet, movement in the dark started again, I could feel being watched.

I reached back for the door I had walked through only to feel a moss-covered cave wall. I followed it to the corner. My battery is dying. I am writing this in my journal in the hopes someone will find it and read what has befallen me the last few months.

I implore you, please find me. I can hear something in the dark, and shuffling footsteps seem to be moving around me.

They have come. I must run deeper into the caves. If you find this journal, please be careful. Please help me escape. Do not let them win.

Hopefully one day I can meet you readers and we can travel together on these terror paths…

-H. Walters