June 4th

June 4thth

I am still in awe at how much has changed since I have left. Many of the shops I used to visit as a kid have slowly been taken over by chain restaurants and box stores. Though one of the quaint cafés of my time at university was still alive and bustling a couple of blocks over from my home.

The espresso was still delicious and gave me some energy to tackle the rest of my day. There were plenty of people frequenting the café, but one man caught my eye in the corner. I noticed his gaze kept darting my way, trying to observe me unnoticed. He looked normal enough, but his wrinkles seemed odd to me. I also noticed the man was wearing a heavy sweater and using a large quilt over his lap, draped slightly over the arms of his wheelchair. Everything seemed normal enough, except that it was fast approaching 93 degrees outside…

I quickly left the shop, tired of feeling his gaze boring into the back of my head. I can find somewhere else to read my paper.

Something else odd has been happening as well. My cell phone and home phone have been getting terrible interference lately. I have noticed the local radio has been more static as well, stopping my relaxing evening with a nice drink and book in the library. Hopefully, the communications in the valley will clear soon.

There is also the upcoming festival I must attend in my parent’s stead, which is giving me anxiety as well. I can only hope that I go about the event unrecognized and can leave at my earliest opportunity.